Prayer and Revival

This year Skyview Baptist Church is please to be hosting a week of meetings with Evangelist Benny Beckum, founder of The Intercessor Ministries. Bro. Beckum travels the country urging all to return to prayer and a closeness with Christ! Services begin Sunday July 19th at 5 PM and will continue Monday thru Thursday of the same week at 6:30 PM. Light snacks will be provided at 6 PM.

Bro. Beckum has requested that we read a small book by J Oswald Smith titled The Revival we need in preparation for the meetings and we are including links to a PDF which you can download and read on your computer, or print. We have also located a website where recordings of the book are available if you wish to listen them them instead

The Revival we Need by J Oswald Smith PDF
The Revival we Need by J Oswald Smith Audio