At Skyview Baptist Church our teen group is more than a place to meet up and have fun. We provide lots of opportunities for our teens to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and a Godly Spiritual focus. We believe whole heartedly that it’s our job to train laborers and provide our teens with as many opportunities to use the gifts God has given them while they strive to seek His will for their life. As a member of our teen groups you will get the opportunity to attend several conferences each year that provide you with practical training as well as fun and games.

Our teens get the opportunities to teach in Sunday school, participate in music classes, receive training for missions trips and to then put that training into practice both local and overseas. Our teen group currently has members serving in the homeless shelter, music and orchestra programs, song leading, teen outreach, soul winning, overseas missions, and many other ministries. We encourage you to stop by and see what God has in store for you here at Skyview Baptist Church!

  • Brother Chris Myers

    Bro. Chris is the Youth Director and along with his wife Julie they work closely with the teens in both ministry, counseling, and training. They met while Chris was in the Army and were married in 1994. They are both students at West Coast Baptist College Online with Bro Chris studying church administration and theology and Mrs. Julie studying biblical counseling and graphics design.

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